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Inno.CNT: Progress and responsibility

By tackling practical applications in the fields of energy and the environment, mobility and lightweight construction, Inno.CNT is concentrating on growth areas with a high market potential and making an important contribution to a better quality of life. For example, innovative nanomaterials can increase energy efficiency or reduce the weight of motor vehicles with ultralight fiber composite materials. Other examples include innovative fuel cells and lithium ion batteries that can give electromobility an additional boost.

The full potential of carbon nanotubes for industrial applications is not yet known. In any case, a range of innovative nanomaterials based on CNT with significantly improved properties for familiar and new application will be created. As such, carbon nanotubes will form the basis for key technologies that will serve as an important value-adding factor and influence numerous other branches of industry. The new applications that are conceivable with CNTs are extremely diverse and could affect many different product areas, ranging from energy supply, medical technology and IT to heavy-duty CNT-based ropes for a space elevator.

The conditions for establishing this key market in Germany are excellent, because the country already plays a leading world role in the field of carbon nanotubes and has additionally strengthened this position with the Innovation Alliance CNT. Experts estimate the future market for CNT applications to be worth over one hundred billion euros, and if large sections of this market can be developed in Germany, numerous new jobs can also be created there in the coming years.

Apart from generating new jobs and improving prosperity in Germany, the Innovation Alliance CNT also has a central social function. By focusing on energy and the environment, mobility and lightweight construction materials, the initiative will also make an active contribution to sustainable development in environmental protection, helping to improve living conditions for people all over the world and providing answers to pressing questions concerning the future.

All projects of the innovation alliance Inno.CNT have already been completed. Hence, the web presence is no longer maintained. Project results are still available in the download section. Further information concerning CNTs and other carbon nano-materials can be obtained from the website or via