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Modern life would be inconceivable without mobility, but traffic and transport systems must be consistently adapted to the changing requirements of humans and markets. Increasingly, the focus of modern mobility is on requirements for environmentally compatible approaches with a high level of safety.

Materials technology plays a vital role in the development of energy-efficient concepts. High-strength synthetic materials and composite materials will make a lasting contribution to low material weight, which translates into energy savings. CNT-based materials have great potential to improve the energy balance of the mobility and transport sector. CNT-reinforced plastics and metals are especially lightweight, while offering high levels of stability and strength. These properties also are ideally suited to meet the extreme material requirements of the aviation and space industry.

As a result, the Inno.CNT projects concentrate on the development of innovative composite materials for aircraft and automotive construction, materials for the space industry, and CNT-modified coatings, which provide lightning protection for airplanes.

All projects of the innovation alliance Inno.CNT have already been completed. Hence, the web presence is no longer maintained. Project results are still available in the download section. Further information concerning CNTs and other carbon nano-materials can be obtained from the website or via