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Inno.CNT projects nearing completion

The newly founded NanoCarbon Network is accelerating ongoing technology transfer with a strong focus on SMEs

Together with approximately 90 partners in industry and academia, the Innovation Alliance Inno.CNT, which is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, has since 2008 intensively fostered technological and scientific research on the commercial uses of carbon nanotubes (CNT). Technological and application-related issues are being and have been investigated by a total of 27 closely linked projects, started in three phases. In addition to processing technologies, the Alliance focused primarily on safety research for various value chains in the areas of energy, the environment, mobility, lightweight construction and electronics.

After the successful completion of the work of the first two phases of projects last year, the application and safety projects of the third and last project phase of Inno.CNT will be completed on schedule in the next few months.

The results of the Alliance have been presented in recent years at the annual conferences of Inno.CNT, the numerous demonstrators on display attesting to the abundant technical and scientific achievements of the research. The presentation of the last series of projects will take place at the annual Inno.CNT conference in Karlsruhe on February 18-19, 2014.

The outcomes of the Inno.CNT projects are an important foundation for the development of future commercial applications of CNTs. Consequently, the next step is the successful transfer of these results to particularly innovative SMEs.

The newly founded ZIM-NEMO Network NanoCarbon, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology, is dedicated specially to the task of transferring the basic knowledge gained in respect of technologies and their employment in examples of real life applications. The new network will focus primarily on the relevant issues facing SMEs, in order to facilitate and accelerate the technology transfer into the SME sector. Further information regarding the Network NanoCarbon can be found at and

About Inno.CNT
The Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes (Inno.CNT, is a research net-work consisting of more than 90 specialized small and mid-sized enterprises, large industrial companies, scientific institutes and numerous universities. In 27 tightly linked projects, the members of the initiative are focusing on practical applications of CNT in the fields of energy, the environment, mobility, lightweight construction and electronics. The alliance is part of the high-tech strategy of the German Federal Government and has been sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of its WING program (Materials Innovations for Industry and Society) since 2008.

About the NanoCarbon Network
The NanoCarbon Network makes the knowledge and expertise regarding the manufacture, modification, dispersion, further processing and characterization of carbon nanotube materials gained by Inno.CNT available to a large circle of users. The risks of investment decisions and thus the entry barriers to using this new class of materials will be significantly reduced for interested companies. For this purpose, the NanoCarbon Network offers expert advice on the safe and efficient use of nanocarbon materials and prepares handling recommendations for innovative applications using this new class of materials. Based on the relevant issue, interested companies will be paired with the most suitable network partners in research and industry with outstanding expertise in nanocarbons.